Package-level declarations


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data class Amount(val value: Long, val currencyCode: String) : Parcelable

This class represents the long value amount to charge and the currency code of the amount.

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This class converts the fields in a form into a structure as defined by a map.

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class FormController @Inject constructor(formSpec: LayoutSpec, transformSpecToElement: TransformSpecToElements)

Controller that manages the user interaction with the payment method data collection form. When all fields are reported as complete, completeFormValues emits the valid payment method.


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fun FormUI(hiddenIdentifiers: Set<IdentifierSpec>, enabled: Boolean, elements: List<FormElement>, lastTextFieldIdentifier: IdentifierSpec?, modifier: Modifier = Modifier)
fun FormUI(hiddenIdentifiersFlow: Flow<Set<IdentifierSpec>>, enabledFlow: Flow<Boolean>, elementsFlow: Flow<List<FormElement>>, lastTextFieldIdentifierFlow: Flow<IdentifierSpec?>, modifier: Modifier = Modifier)