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abstract class ActivityStarter<TargetActivityType : Activity, ArgsType : ActivityStarter.Args>
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Activity used to display a AddPaymentMethodView and receive the resulting PaymentMethod in the Activity#onActivityResult(int, int, Intent) of the launching Activity.Should be started with AddPaymentMethodActivityStarter.
class AddPaymentMethodActivity : StripeActivity
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A class to start AddPaymentMethodActivity. Arguments for the activity can be specified with Args and constructed with Args.Builder.The result will be returned with request code REQUEST_CODE.
class AddPaymentMethodActivityStarter : ActivityStarter
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A class to create BECS Debit Mandate Agreement text for the BecsDebitWidget.
class BecsDebitMandateAcceptanceTextFactory(context: Context)
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class BecsDebitMandateAcceptanceTextView @JvmOverloads() constructor(context: Context,attrs: AttributeSet?,defStyleAttr: Int) : AppCompatTextView
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A form for accepting a customer's BECS account information.A company name is required to render this widget. A company name can either be specified by passing it to the BecsDebitWidget constructor, or via XML:
app:companyName="@string/becs_company_name" />
class BecsDebitWidget @JvmOverloads() constructor(context: Context,attrs: AttributeSet?,defStyleAttr: Int,companyName: String) : FrameLayout
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Configure AddPaymentMethodActivity's UI and validation logic for billing address fields
enum BillingAddressFields : Enum
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Represents a listener for card input events. Note that events are not one-time events. For instance, a user can "complete" the CVC many times by deleting and re-entering the value.
interface CardInputListener
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A card input widget that handles all animation on its own.The individual EditText views of this widget can be styled by defining a style Stripe.CardInputWidget.EditText that extends Stripe.Base.CardInputWidget.EditText.
class CardInputWidget @JvmOverloads() constructor(context: Context,attrs: AttributeSet?,defStyleAttr: Int) : LinearLayout, CardWidget
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A multiline card input widget using the support design library's TextInputLayout to match Material Design.
class CardMultilineWidget @JvmOverloads() constructor(context: Context,attrs: AttributeSet?,defStyleAttr: Int,shouldShowPostalCode: Boolean) : LinearLayout, CardWidget
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A StripeEditText that handles spacing out the digits of a credit card.
class CardNumberEditText @JvmOverloads() constructor(context: Context,attrs: AttributeSet?,defStyleAttr: Int) : StripeEditText
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An interface for a callback object that will be called when the user's input changes.
interface CardValidCallback
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A StripeEditText for CVC input.
class CvcEditText @JvmOverloads() constructor(context: Context,attrs: AttributeSet?,defStyleAttr: Int) : StripeEditText
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An EditText that handles putting numbers around a central divider character.
class ExpiryDateEditText @JvmOverloads() constructor(context: Context,attrs: AttributeSet?,defStyleAttr: Int) : StripeEditText
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enum FpxBank : Enum
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This class uses Reflection to make the Material Component's floating hint text move above a DrawableLeft, instead of just straight up beside it. If the Material Components library ever officially support this behavior, this class should be removed to avoid Reflection.
class IconTextInputLayout @JvmOverloads() constructor(context: Context,attrs: AttributeSet?,defStyleAttr: Int) : TextInputLayout
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class PaymentAuthWebViewActivity : AppCompatActivity
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Activity containing a two-part payment flow that allows users to provide a shipping address as well as select a shipping method.
class PaymentFlowActivity : StripeActivity
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class PaymentFlowActivityStarter : ActivityStarter
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class PaymentFlowViewPager @JvmOverloads() constructor(context: Context,attrs: AttributeSet?,isSwipingAllowed: Boolean) : ViewPager
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An activity that allows a customer to select from their attached payment methods, or add a new one via AddPaymentMethodActivity.This Activity is typically started through To directly start this activity, use PaymentMethodsActivityStarter.startForResult.Use PaymentMethodsActivityStarter.Result.fromIntent to retrieve the result of this activity from an intent in onActivityResult().
class PaymentMethodsActivity : AppCompatActivity
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A class to start PaymentMethodsActivity. Arguments for the activity can be specified with Args and constructed with Args.Builder.The result data is a Result instance, obtained using Result.fromIntent}. The result will be returned with request code REQUEST_CODE.
class PaymentMethodsActivityStarter : ActivityStarter
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object PaymentUtils
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class PostalCodeEditText @JvmOverloads() constructor(context: Context,attrs: AttributeSet?,defStyleAttr: Int) : StripeEditText
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A widget used to collect address data from a user.
class ShippingInfoWidget @JvmOverloads() constructor(context: Context,attrs: AttributeSet?,defStyleAttr: Int) : LinearLayout
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class Stripe3ds2CompletionActivity : AppCompatActivity
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Provides a toolbar, save button, and loading states for the save button.
abstract class StripeActivity : AppCompatActivity
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Extension of TextInputEditText that listens for users pressing the delete key when there is no text present. Google has actually made this somewhat difficult, but we listen here for hardware key presses, older Android soft keyboard delete presses, and modern Google Keyboard delete key presses.
open class StripeEditText @JvmOverloads() constructor(context: Context,attrs: AttributeSet?,defStyleAttr: Int,workDispatcher: CoroutineContext) : TextInputEditText