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Interface for handling PaymentIntent authentication with the Alipay SDK
interface AlipayAuthenticator
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Generic interface for an API operation callback that either returns a result, ResultType, or an Exception
interface ApiResultCallback<ResultType : StripeModel>
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Data for identifying your plug-in or library.See Building Stripe Plug-ins and Libraries - Setting the API version.
data class AppInfo : Parcelable
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Utility class for functions to do with cards.
object CardUtils
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Represents a logged-in session of a single Customer.See Creating ephemeral keys
class CustomerSession
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Represents an Ephemeral Key that can be used temporarily for API operations that typically require a secret key.See Using Android Standard UI Components - Prepare your API for more details on ephemeral keys.
data class EphemeralKey : StripeModel
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Represents an object that can call to a server and create EphemeralKeys.
interface EphemeralKeyProvider
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Represents a listener for Ephemeral Key Update events.
interface EphemeralKeyUpdateListener
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Configuration settings for Google Pay's TokenizationSpecification.
class GooglePayConfig @JvmOverloads() constructor(publishableKey: String,connectedAccountId: String?)
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A factory for generating Google Pay JSON request objects for Google Pay API version 2.0.
class GooglePayJsonFactory(googlePayConfig: GooglePayConfig,isJcbEnabled: Boolean)
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Methods for retrieval / update of a Stripe Issuing card
class IssuingCardPinService
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Configuration for authentication mechanisms via StripePaymentController
class PaymentAuthConfig
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data class PaymentConfiguration : Parcelable
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A model representing the result of a PaymentIntent confirmation via Stripe.confirmPayment or handling of next actions via Stripe.handleNextActionForPayment.
data class PaymentIntentResult : StripeIntentResult
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Represents a single start-to-finish payment operation.See Using Android basic integration for more information.If PaymentSessionConfig.shouldPrefetchCustomer is true, and the customer has previously selected a payment method, PaymentSessionData.paymentMethod will be updated with the payment method and PaymentSessionListener.onPaymentSessionDataChanged will be called.
class PaymentSession
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Configuration for PaymentSession.
data class PaymentSessionConfig : Parcelable
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A data class representing the state of the associated PaymentSession.
data class PaymentSessionData : Parcelable
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Public utility class for common Pay with Google-related tasks.
object PayWithGoogleUtils
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A model representing the result of a SetupIntent confirmation via Stripe.confirmSetupIntent or handling of next actions via Stripe.handleNextActionForSetupIntent.
data class SetupIntentResult : StripeIntentResult
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Entry-point to the Stripe SDK.Supports asynchronous and synchronous methods to access the following Stripe APIs.
class Stripe
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A model representing a Stripe Errors object.Stripe uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. In general:
  • Codes in the 2xx range indicate success.

  • Codes in the 4xx range indicate an error that failed given the information provided (e.g. a required parameter was omitted, a charge failed, etc.).

  • Codes in the 5xx range indicate an error with Stripe's servers (these are rare).

Some 4xx errors that could be handled programmatically (e.g., a card is declined) include an error code that briefly explains the error reported.
data class StripeError : StripeModel, Serializable
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A model representing the result of a StripeIntent confirmation or authentication attempt via Stripe.confirmPayment or Stripe.handleNextActionForPaymentintent is a StripeIntent retrieved after confirmation/authentication succeeded or failed.
abstract class StripeIntentResult<T : StripeIntent> : StripeModel
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Utility class for common text-related operations on Stripe data coming from the server.
object StripeTextUtils
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internal typealias TimeSupplier = () -> Long