extension StripeAPI
  • A convenience method to build a PKPaymentRequest with sane default values. You will still need to configure the paymentSummaryItems property to indicate what the user is purchasing, as well as the optional requiredShippingAddressFields, requiredBillingAddressFields, and shippingMethods properties to indicate what contact information your application requires. Note that this method sets the payment request’s countryCode to “US” and its currencyCode to “USD”.



    @available(*, deprecated, message: "Use `paymentRequestWithMerchantIdentifier:country:currency:` instead.")
    public class func paymentRequest(withMerchantIdentifier merchantIdentifier: String)
        -> PKPaymentRequest



    Your Apple Merchant ID.

    Return Value

    a PKPaymentRequest with proper default values. Returns nil if running on < iOS8. @deprecated Use paymentRequestWithMerchantIdentifier:country:currency: instead. Apple Pay is available in many countries and currencies, and you should use the appropriate values for your business.