public protocol STPCustomerEphemeralKeyProvider : NSObjectProtocol

You should make your application’s API client conform to this interface. It provides a way for Stripe utility classes to request a new ephemeral key from your backend, which it will use to retrieve and update Stripe API objects.

  • Creates a new ephemeral key for retrieving and updating a Stripe customer. On your backend, you should create a new ephemeral key for the Stripe customer associated with your user, and return the raw JSON response from the Stripe API. For an example Ruby implementation of this API, refer to our example backend: Back in your iOS app, once you have a response from this API, call the provided completion block with the JSON response, or an error if one occurred.



    func createCustomerKey(
        withAPIVersion apiVersion: String, completion: @escaping STPJSONResponseCompletionBlock)



    The Stripe API version to use when creating a key. You should pass this parameter to your backend, and use it to set the API version in your key creation request. Passing this version parameter ensures that the Stripe SDK can always parse the ephemeral key response from your server.


    Call this callback when you’re done fetching a new ephemeral key from your backend. For example, completion(json, nil) (if your call succeeds) or completion(nil, error) if an error is returned.