Class CustomerCreateParams.InvoiceSettings

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public static class CustomerCreateParams.InvoiceSettings extends Object
Controls how funds transferred by the customer are applied to payment intents and invoices. Valid options are automatic, manual, or merchant_default. For more information about these reconciliation modes, see Reconciliation.
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    • getCustomFields

      public Object getCustomFields()
      The list of up to 4 default custom fields to be displayed on invoices for this customer. When updating, pass an empty string to remove previously-defined fields.
    • getDefaultPaymentMethod

      public String getDefaultPaymentMethod()
      ID of a payment method that's attached to the customer, to be used as the customer's default payment method for subscriptions and invoices.
    • getExtraParams

      public Map<String,Object> getExtraParams()
      Map of extra parameters for custom features not available in this client library. The content in this map is not serialized under this field's @SerializedName value. Instead, each key/value pair is serialized as if the key is a root-level field (serialized) name in this param object. Effectively, this map is flattened to its parent instance.
    • getFooter

      public String getFooter()
      Default footer to be displayed on invoices for this customer.
    • getRenderingOptions

      public Object getRenderingOptions()
      Default options for invoice PDF rendering for this customer.