Class FileCreateParams


public class FileCreateParams extends ApiRequestParams
  • Method Details

    • builder

      public static FileCreateParams.Builder builder()
    • toMap

      public Map<String,Object> toMap()
      Description copied from class: ApiRequestParams
      Convert `this` api request params to an untyped map. The conversion is specific to api request params object. Please see documentation in ApiRequestParamsConverter.convert(ApiRequestParams).
      toMap in class ApiRequestParams
    • getExpand

      public List<String> getExpand()
      Specifies which fields in the response should be expanded.
    • getExtraParams

      public Map<String,Object> getExtraParams()
      Map of extra parameters for custom features not available in this client library. The content in this map is not serialized under this field's @SerializedName value. Instead, each key/value pair is serialized as if the key is a root-level field (serialized) name in this param object. Effectively, this map is flattened to its parent instance.
    • getFile

      public Object getFile()
      Required. A file to upload. Make sure that the specifications follow RFC 2388, which defines file transfers for the multipart/form-data protocol.
    • getFileLinkData

      public FileCreateParams.FileLinkData getFileLinkData()
      Optional parameters that automatically create a file link for the newly created file.
    • getPurpose

      public FileCreateParams.Purpose getPurpose()
      Required. The purpose of the uploaded file.