Class OrderCreateParams

    • Method Detail

      • getCoupon

        public java.lang.String getCoupon()
        A coupon code that represents a discount to be applied to this order. Must be one-time duration and in same currency as the order. An order can have multiple coupons.
      • getCustomer

        public java.lang.String getCustomer()
        The ID of an existing customer to use for this order. If provided, the customer email and shipping address will be used to create the order. Subsequently, the customer will also be charged to pay the order. If email or shipping are also provided, they will override the values retrieved from the customer object.
      • getEmail

        public java.lang.String getEmail()
        The email address of the customer placing the order.
      • getExpand

        public java.util.List<java.lang.String> getExpand()
        Specifies which fields in the response should be expanded.
      • getExtraParams

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Object> getExtraParams()
        Map of extra parameters for custom features not available in this client library. The content in this map is not serialized under this field's @SerializedName value. Instead, each key/value pair is serialized as if the key is a root-level field (serialized) name in this param object. Effectively, this map is flattened to its parent instance.
      • getItems

        public java.util.List<OrderCreateParams.Item> getItems()
        List of items constituting the order. An order can have up to 25 items.
      • getMetadata

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> getMetadata()
        Set of key-value pairs that you can attach to an object. This can be useful for storing additional information about the object in a structured format. Individual keys can be unset by posting an empty value to them. All keys can be unset by posting an empty value to metadata.
      • getShipping

        public OrderCreateParams.Shipping getShipping()
        Shipping address for the order. Required if any of the SKUs are for products that have shippable set to true.