Class TransactionCreateUnlinkedRefundParams.MerchantData

Enclosing class:

public static class TransactionCreateUnlinkedRefundParams.MerchantData extends Object
  • Method Details

    • builder

    • getCategory

      A categorization of the seller's type of business. See our merchant categories guide for a list of possible values.
    • getCity

      public String getCity()
      City where the seller is located.
    • getCountry

      public String getCountry()
      Country where the seller is located.
    • getExtraParams

      public Map<String,Object> getExtraParams()
      Map of extra parameters for custom features not available in this client library. The content in this map is not serialized under this field's @SerializedName value. Instead, each key/value pair is serialized as if the key is a root-level field (serialized) name in this param object. Effectively, this map is flattened to its parent instance.
    • getName

      public String getName()
      Name of the seller.
    • getNetworkId

      public String getNetworkId()
      Identifier assigned to the seller by the card network. Different card networks may assign different network_id fields to the same merchant.
    • getPostalCode

      public String getPostalCode()
      Postal code where the seller is located.
    • getState

      public String getState()
      State where the seller is located.
    • getTerminalId

      public String getTerminalId()
      An ID assigned by the seller to the location of the sale.
    • getUrl

      public String getUrl()
      URL provided by the merchant on a 3DS request.