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Type aliases

PresentParams: PresentType & { clientSecret: string }
PresentType: { forSetupIntent?: true; currencyCode: string } | { forSetupIntent?: false }
InitParams: { merchantName: string; countryCode: string; billingAddressConfig?: BillingAddressConfig; isEmailRequired?: boolean } & IsSupportedParams
IsSupportedParams: { testEnv?: boolean; existingPaymentMethodRequired?: boolean }

Type declaration

  • Optional testEnv?: boolean

    Set to true to run in a test environment with relaxed application / merchant requirements. This environment is suggested for early development and for easily testing SDK. Defaults to false.

  • Optional existingPaymentMethodRequired?: boolean

    If true, Google Pay is considered ready if the customer's Google Pay wallet has an existing payment method. Defaults to false.

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