fun installAvailableUpdate()

Installs a pending update on the reader. The update that will be installed is whatever is currently stored in Reader.availableUpdate. This field can be set either during Terminal.connectBluetoothReader, or whenever a new update is detected. If the field changes, you will be notified via BluetoothReaderListener.onReportAvailableUpdate.

When an update is initiated, the reader will become unresponsive until the update is complete. In some cases, the reader will be restarted at the end of the update.

As the update progresses, the BluetoothReaderListener.onReportReaderSoftwareUpdateProgress method will be called with a float representing how far along the update is. Use this to convey the update's progress to your user.

Once the update has completed, the BluetoothReaderListener.onFinishInstallingUpdate will be called. If something has gone wrong, this method will contain a TerminalException. The same method will be called with no TerminalException if the installation has completed without error.

If no reader is connected, a TerminalException is thrown.