interface BluetoothReaderListener

The BluetoothReaderListener interface is a listener that should exist for the entire duration of your connection to a reader. It will receive events related to the status of the reader, as well as opportunities to update the reader's software.


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open fun onFinishInstallingUpdate(update: ReaderSoftwareUpdate?, e: TerminalException? = null)
The terminal has finished installing a ReaderSoftwareUpdate.
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open fun onReportAvailableUpdate(update: ReaderSoftwareUpdate)
NOTE: An implementation of this method is required for bluetooth readers.
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open fun onReportLowBatteryWarning()
The Terminal reported that the reader's battery level is low
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open fun onReportReaderEvent(event: ReaderEvent)
The Terminal reported an event from the reader (e.g.
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open fun onReportReaderSoftwareUpdateProgress(progress: Float)
The terminal reported progress on a reader software update.
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open fun onRequestReaderDisplayMessage(message: ReaderDisplayMessage)
This method is called to request that a message be displayed in your app.
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open fun onRequestReaderInput(options: ReaderInputOptions)
This method is called when the reader begins waiting for input.
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open fun onStartInstallingUpdate(update: ReaderSoftwareUpdate, cancelable: Cancelable?)
The SDK is reporting that the reader has started installation of a required update that must be completed before the reader can be used.