class ReadReusableCardParameters

Parameters for reading a reusable card.

NOTE: Most integrations should not use Terminal.readReusableCard.

You should create a PaymentIntent and use the associated Terminal.collectPaymentMethod and Terminal.processPayment methods if you are simply collecting a payment from a customer.

You can use Terminal.readReusableCard to read payment details and defer payment for later. The PaymentMethod created by this method will have type card, suitable for use with online payments.

Note that if you use this method to defer a payment, the transaction will not receive the beneficial rates and liability shift associated with card present transactions.

For more information, see the official Stripe docs: Online payments

Use of this SDK is subject to the Stripe Terminal Terms:


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class Builder
A builder object to make it easier to create ReadReusableCardParameters objects.
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object Companion


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val customer: String?
Optional ID that identifies a customer to attach the PaymentMethod to
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val metadata: Map<String, String>?
Optional set of key-value pairs attached to the object.