Class PaymentMethodConfiguration

All Implemented Interfaces:
HasId, StripeActiveObject, StripeObjectInterface

public class PaymentMethodConfiguration extends ApiResource implements HasId
PaymentMethodConfigurations control which payment methods are displayed to your customers when you don't explicitly specify payment method types. You can have multiple configurations with different sets of payment methods for different scenarios.

There are two types of PaymentMethodConfigurations. Which is used depends on the charge type:

Direct configurations apply to payments created on your account, including Connect destination charges, Connect separate charges and transfers, and payments not involving Connect.

Child configurations apply to payments created on your connected accounts using direct charges, and charges with the on_behalf_of parameter.

Child configurations have a parent that sets default values and controls which settings connected accounts may override. You can specify a parent ID at payment time, and Stripe will automatically resolve the connected account’s associated child configuration. Parent configurations are managed in the dashboard and are not available in this API.

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