Class BalanceTransactionListParams.Builder

    • Constructor Detail

      • Builder

        public Builder()
    • Method Detail

      • setAvailableOn

        public BalanceTransactionListParams.Builder setAvailableOn​(java.lang.Long availableOn)
        This parameter is deprecated and we recommend listing by created and filtering in memory instead.
      • setEndingBefore

        public BalanceTransactionListParams.Builder setEndingBefore​(java.lang.String endingBefore)
        A cursor for use in pagination. ending_before is an object ID that defines your place in the list. For instance, if you make a list request and receive 100 objects, starting with obj_bar, your subsequent call can include ending_before=obj_bar in order to fetch the previous page of the list.
      • putAllExtraParam

        public BalanceTransactionListParams.Builder putAllExtraParam​(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Object> map)
        Add all map key/value pairs to `extraParams` map. A map is initialized for the first `put/putAll` call, and subsequent calls add additional key/value pairs to the original map. See BalanceTransactionListParams.extraParams for the field documentation.
      • setLimit

        public BalanceTransactionListParams.Builder setLimit​(java.lang.Long limit)
        A limit on the number of objects to be returned. Limit can range between 1 and 100, and the default is 10.
      • setPayout

        public BalanceTransactionListParams.Builder setPayout​(java.lang.String payout)
        For automatic Stripe payouts only, only returns transactions that were paid out on the specified payout ID.
      • setStartingAfter

        public BalanceTransactionListParams.Builder setStartingAfter​(java.lang.String startingAfter)
        A cursor for use in pagination. starting_after is an object ID that defines your place in the list. For instance, if you make a list request and receive 100 objects, ending with obj_foo, your subsequent call can include starting_after=obj_foo in order to fetch the next page of the list.
      • setType

        public BalanceTransactionListParams.Builder setType​(java.lang.String type)
        Only returns transactions of the given type. One of: adjustment, advance, advance_funding, anticipation_repayment, application_fee, application_fee_refund, charge, connect_collection_transfer, contribution, issuing_authorization_hold, issuing_authorization_release, issuing_dispute, issuing_transaction, payment, payment_failure_refund, payment_refund, payout, payout_cancel, payout_failure, refund, refund_failure, reserve_transaction, reserved_funds, stripe_fee, stripe_fx_fee, tax_fee, topup, topup_reversal, transfer, transfer_cancel, transfer_failure, or transfer_refund.