Class PaymentIntentCreateParams.TransferData.Builder

    • Constructor Detail

      • Builder

        public Builder()
    • Method Detail

      • setAmount

        public PaymentIntentCreateParams.TransferData.Builder setAmount​(java.lang.Long amount)
        The amount that will be transferred automatically when a charge succeeds. The amount is capped at the total transaction amount and if no amount is set, the full amount is transferred.

        If you intend to collect a fee and you need a more robust reporting experience, using application_fee_amount might be a better fit for your integration.

      • setDestination

        public PaymentIntentCreateParams.TransferData.Builder setDestination​(java.lang.String destination)
        If specified, successful charges will be attributed to the destination account for tax reporting, and the funds from charges will be transferred to the destination account. The ID of the resulting transfer will be returned on the successful charge's transfer field.