Class SubscriptionUpdateParams.PauseCollection

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    public static class SubscriptionUpdateParams.PauseCollection
    extends java.lang.Object
    The number of intervals between subscription billings. For example, interval=month and interval_count=3 bills every 3 months. Maximum of one year interval allowed (1 year, 12 months, or 52 weeks).
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      • getExtraParams

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Object> getExtraParams()
        Map of extra parameters for custom features not available in this client library. The content in this map is not serialized under this field's @SerializedName value. Instead, each key/value pair is serialized as if the key is a root-level field (serialized) name in this param object. Effectively, this map is flattened to its parent instance.
      • getResumesAt

        public java.lang.Long getResumesAt()
        The time after which the subscription will resume collecting payments.