Class SubscriptionUpdateParams


public class SubscriptionUpdateParams extends ApiRequestParams
  • Method Details

    • builder

      public static SubscriptionUpdateParams.Builder builder()
    • getAddInvoiceItems

      public List<SubscriptionUpdateParams.AddInvoiceItem> getAddInvoiceItems()
      A list of prices and quantities that will generate invoice items appended to the next invoice for this subscription. You may pass up to 20 items.
    • getApplicationFeePercent

      public Object getApplicationFeePercent()
      A non-negative decimal between 0 and 100, with at most two decimal places. This represents the percentage of the subscription invoice total that will be transferred to the application owner's Stripe account. The request must be made by a platform account on a connected account in order to set an application fee percentage. For more information, see the application fees documentation.
    • getAutomaticTax

      public SubscriptionUpdateParams.AutomaticTax getAutomaticTax()
      Automatic tax settings for this subscription. We recommend you only include this parameter when the existing value is being changed.
    • getBillingCycleAnchor

      public SubscriptionUpdateParams.BillingCycleAnchor getBillingCycleAnchor()
      Either now or unchanged. Setting the value to now resets the subscription's billing cycle anchor to the current time (in UTC). For more information, see the billing cycle documentation.
    • getBillingThresholds

      public Object getBillingThresholds()
      Define thresholds at which an invoice will be sent, and the subscription advanced to a new billing period. Pass an empty string to remove previously-defined thresholds.
    • getCancelAt

      public Object getCancelAt()
      A timestamp at which the subscription should cancel. If set to a date before the current period ends, this will cause a proration if prorations have been enabled using proration_behavior. If set during a future period, this will always cause a proration for that period.
    • getCancelAtPeriodEnd

      public Boolean getCancelAtPeriodEnd()
      Boolean indicating whether this subscription should cancel at the end of the current period.
    • getCancellationDetails

      public SubscriptionUpdateParams.CancellationDetails getCancellationDetails()
      Details about why this subscription was cancelled.
    • getCollectionMethod

      public SubscriptionUpdateParams.CollectionMethod getCollectionMethod()
      Either charge_automatically, or send_invoice. When charging automatically, Stripe will attempt to pay this subscription at the end of the cycle using the default source attached to the customer. When sending an invoice, Stripe will email your customer an invoice with payment instructions and mark the subscription as active. Defaults to charge_automatically.
    • getCoupon

      public Object getCoupon()
      The ID of the coupon to apply to this subscription. A coupon applied to a subscription will only affect invoices created for that particular subscription. This field has been deprecated and will be removed in a future API version. Use discounts instead.
    • getDaysUntilDue

      public Long getDaysUntilDue()
      Number of days a customer has to pay invoices generated by this subscription. Valid only for subscriptions where collection_method is set to send_invoice.
    • getDefaultPaymentMethod

      public Object getDefaultPaymentMethod()
      ID of the default payment method for the subscription. It must belong to the customer associated with the subscription. This takes precedence over default_source. If neither are set, invoices will use the customer's invoice_settings.default_payment_method or default_source.
    • getDefaultSource

      public Object getDefaultSource()
      ID of the default payment source for the subscription. It must belong to the customer associated with the subscription and be in a chargeable state. If default_payment_method is also set, default_payment_method will take precedence. If neither are set, invoices will use the customer's invoice_settings.default_payment_method or default_source.
    • getDefaultTaxRates

      public Object getDefaultTaxRates()
      The tax rates that will apply to any subscription item that does not have tax_rates set. Invoices created will have their default_tax_rates populated from the subscription. Pass an empty string to remove previously-defined tax rates.
    • getDescription

      public Object getDescription()
      The subscription's description, meant to be displayable to the customer. Use this field to optionally store an explanation of the subscription for rendering in Stripe surfaces and certain local payment methods UIs.
    • getDiscounts

      public Object getDiscounts()
      The coupons to redeem into discounts for the subscription. If not specified or empty, inherits the discount from the subscription's customer.
    • getExpand

      public List<String> getExpand()
      Specifies which fields in the response should be expanded.
    • getExtraParams

      public Map<String,Object> getExtraParams()
      Map of extra parameters for custom features not available in this client library. The content in this map is not serialized under this field's @SerializedName value. Instead, each key/value pair is serialized as if the key is a root-level field (serialized) name in this param object. Effectively, this map is flattened to its parent instance.
    • getInvoiceSettings

      public SubscriptionUpdateParams.InvoiceSettings getInvoiceSettings()
      All invoices will be billed using the specified settings.
    • getItems

      public List<SubscriptionUpdateParams.Item> getItems()
      A list of up to 20 subscription items, each with an attached price.
    • getMetadata

      public Object getMetadata()
      Set of key-value pairs that you can attach to an object. This can be useful for storing additional information about the object in a structured format. Individual keys can be unset by posting an empty value to them. All keys can be unset by posting an empty value to metadata.
    • getOffSession

      public Boolean getOffSession()
      Indicates if a customer is on or off-session while an invoice payment is attempted.
    • getOnBehalfOf

      public Object getOnBehalfOf()
      The account on behalf of which to charge, for each of the subscription's invoices.
    • getPauseCollection

      public Object getPauseCollection()
      If specified, payment collection for this subscription will be paused. Note that the subscription status will be unchanged and will not be updated to paused. Learn more about pausing collection.
    • getPaymentBehavior

      public SubscriptionUpdateParams.PaymentBehavior getPaymentBehavior()
      Use allow_incomplete to transition the subscription to status=past_due if a payment is required but cannot be paid. This allows you to manage scenarios where additional user actions are needed to pay a subscription's invoice. For example, SCA regulation may require 3DS authentication to complete payment. See the SCA Migration Guide for Billing to learn more. This is the default behavior.

      Use default_incomplete to transition the subscription to status=past_due when payment is required and await explicit confirmation of the invoice's payment intent. This allows simpler management of scenarios where additional user actions are needed to pay a subscription’s invoice. Such as failed payments, SCA regulation, or collecting a mandate for a bank debit payment method.

      Use pending_if_incomplete to update the subscription using pending updates. When you use pending_if_incomplete you can only pass the parameters supported by pending updates.

      Use error_if_incomplete if you want Stripe to return an HTTP 402 status code if a subscription's invoice cannot be paid. For example, if a payment method requires 3DS authentication due to SCA regulation and further user action is needed, this parameter does not update the subscription and returns an error instead. This was the default behavior for API versions prior to 2019-03-14. See the changelog to learn more.

    • getPaymentSettings

      public SubscriptionUpdateParams.PaymentSettings getPaymentSettings()
      Payment settings to pass to invoices created by the subscription.
    • getPendingInvoiceItemInterval

      public Object getPendingInvoiceItemInterval()
      Specifies an interval for how often to bill for any pending invoice items. It is analogous to calling Create an invoice for the given subscription at the specified interval.
    • getPromotionCode

      public Object getPromotionCode()
      The promotion code to apply to this subscription. A promotion code applied to a subscription will only affect invoices created for that particular subscription.
    • getProrationBehavior

      public SubscriptionUpdateParams.ProrationBehavior getProrationBehavior()
      Determines how to handle prorations when the billing cycle changes (e.g., when switching plans, resetting billing_cycle_anchor=now, or starting a trial), or if an item's quantity changes. The default value is create_prorations.
    • getProrationDate

      public Long getProrationDate()
      If set, the proration will be calculated as though the subscription was updated at the given time. This can be used to apply exactly the same proration that was previewed with upcoming invoice endpoint. It can also be used to implement custom proration logic, such as prorating by day instead of by second, by providing the time that you wish to use for proration calculations.
    • getTransferData

      public Object getTransferData()
      If specified, the funds from the subscription's invoices will be transferred to the destination and the ID of the resulting transfers will be found on the resulting charges. This will be unset if you POST an empty value.
    • getTrialEnd

      public Object getTrialEnd()
      Unix timestamp representing the end of the trial period the customer will get before being charged for the first time. This will always overwrite any trials that might apply via a subscribed plan. If set, trial_end will override the default trial period of the plan the customer is being subscribed to. The special value now can be provided to end the customer's trial immediately. Can be at most two years from billing_cycle_anchor.
    • getTrialFromPlan

      public Boolean getTrialFromPlan()
      Indicates if a plan's trial_period_days should be applied to the subscription. Setting trial_end per subscription is preferred, and this defaults to false. Setting this flag to true together with trial_end is not allowed. See Using trial periods on subscriptions to learn more.
    • getTrialSettings

      public SubscriptionUpdateParams.TrialSettings getTrialSettings()
      Settings related to subscription trials.