This kind of AnalyzerLoop will process data until the result handler indicates that it has reached a terminal state and is no longer listening.

Data can be added to a queue for processing by a camera or other producer. It will be consumed by FILO. If no data is available, the analyzer pauses until data becomes available.

If the enqueued data exceeds the allowed memory size, the bottom of the data stack will be dropped and will not be processed. This alleviates memory pressure when producers are faster than the consuming analyzer.



: A pool of analyzers to use in this loop.


: A result handler that will be called with the results from the analyzers in this loop.


: An error handler for this loop


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constructor(analyzerPool: AnalyzerPool<DataFrame, in State, Output>, resultHandler: StatefulResultHandler<DataFrame, out State, Output, Boolean>, analyzerLoopErrorListener: AnalyzerLoopErrorListener, statsName: String? = null)


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open override fun getState(): State
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open suspend override fun onResult(result: Output, data: DataFrame): Boolean
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fun subscribeTo(flow: Flow<DataFrame>, processingCoroutineScope: CoroutineScope): Job?

Subscribe to a flow. Loops can only subscribe to a single flow at a time.

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Unsubscribe from the flow.