A InjectorRegistry implemented with a weak map. An entry from the map will be will be garbage collected once the Injector instance is no longer held elsewhere.

Note: the weak map will be cleared when app process is killed by system. Injectable implementations are responsible for detecting this and call Injectable.fallbackInitialize accordingly.


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Global unique monotonically increasing key to be assigned as a suffixes to registered Injectors.

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Cache to map Injector to its corresponding InjectorKey. Note: the Injector is the weak map key for itself to be garbage collected.


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fun clear()
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open override fun nextKey(prefix: String): String

Returns the next key to identify an Injector.

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open override fun register(injector: Injector, key: String)

Registers an Injector instance with corresponding InjectorKey.

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open override fun retrieve(injectorKey: String): Injector?

Retrieves an Injector instance from InjectorKey.