Represents a single start-to-finish payment operation.

See Using Android basic integration for more information.

If PaymentSessionConfig.shouldPrefetchCustomer is true, and the customer has previously selected a payment method, PaymentSessionData.paymentMethod will be updated with the payment method and PaymentSessionListener.onPaymentSessionDataChanged will be called.


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constructor(activity: ComponentActivity, config: PaymentSessionConfig)

Create a PaymentSession attached to the given host Activity.

constructor(fragment: Fragment, config: PaymentSessionConfig)

Create a PaymentSession attached to the given host Fragment.


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Represents a listener for PaymentSession actions, used to update the host activity when necessary.


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Clear the payment method associated with this PaymentSession in PaymentSessionData.

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fun handlePaymentData(requestCode: Int, resultCode: Int, data: Intent?): Boolean

Method to handle Activity results from Stripe activities. Pass data here from your host's #onActivityResult(int, int, Intent) function.

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Initialize the PaymentSession with a PaymentSessionListener to be notified of data changes. The reference to the listener will be released when the host (i.e. Activity or Fragment) is destroyed.

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Notify this payment session that it is complete

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fun presentPaymentMethodSelection(selectedPaymentMethodId: String? = null)

Launch the PaymentMethodsActivity to allow the user to select a payment method, or to add a new one.

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Launch the PaymentFlowActivity to allow the user to fill in payment details.

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fun setCartTotal(@IntRange(from = 0) cartTotal: Long)

Set the cart total for this PaymentSession. This should not include shipping costs.