@interface SCPInternetDiscoveryConfiguration
    : NSObject <SCPDiscoveryConfiguration>


class InternetDiscoveryConfiguration : NSObject, DiscoveryConfiguration

The Internet discovery method searches for internet-connected readers, such as the Stripe S700 or the BBPOS WisePOS E.

When discovering a reader with this method didUpdateDiscoveredReaders will only be called once with a list of readers from /v1/terminal/readers. Note that this will include readers that are both online and offline.

Because the discovery process continues if connecting to a discovered reader fails, the SDK will refresh the list of SCPReaders and call didUpdateDiscoveredReaders with the results. For more details about failed connect calls, see -[SCPTerminal connectReader:connectionConfig:cancelable:completion:]

Create instances of this class using a SCPInternetDiscoveryConfigurationBuilder.

  • A location ID that can be used to filter discovery result so only readers registered to that location are returned. Filtering discovery by a location is only applicable to Internet readers; this parameter must be nil when discovering Bluetooth readers.



    @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly, nullable) NSString *locationId;


    var locationId: String? { get }