data class Verification @JvmOverloads constructor(val document: PersonTokenParams.Document? = null, val additionalDocument: PersonTokenParams.Document? = null) : StripeParamsModel, Parcelable

The person’s verification status.



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fun Verification(document: PersonTokenParams.Document? = null, additionalDocument: PersonTokenParams.Document? = null)


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abstract fun describeContents(): Int
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open override fun toParamMap(): Map<String, Any>
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abstract fun writeToParcel(p0: Parcel, p1: Int)


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val additionalDocument: PersonTokenParams.Document? = null

A document showing address, either a passport, local ID card, or utility bill from a well-known utility company.

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val document: PersonTokenParams.Document? = null

An identifying document, either a passport or local ID card.