suspend fun Stripe.confirmWeChatPayPayment(confirmPaymentIntentParams: ConfirmPaymentIntentParams, stripeAccountId: String? = this.stripeAccountId): WeChatPayNextAction

Suspend function to confirm a PaymentIntent for WeChat Pay. Extract params from WeChatPayNextAction to pass to WeChat Pay SDK.



Optional, the Connect account to associate with this request. By default, will use the Connect account that was used to instantiate the Stripe object, if specified.

See also

WeChat Pay Documentation

WeChat Pay API is still in beta, create a Stripe instance with StripeApiBeta.WeChatPayV1 to enable this API.


failure to properly authenticate yourself (check your key)

your request has invalid parameters

failure to connect to Stripe's API

any other type of problem (for instance, a temporary issue with Stripe's servers)