data class Configuration @JvmOverloads constructor(    val merchantDisplayName: String,     val customer: PaymentSheet.CustomerConfiguration? = null,     val googlePay: PaymentSheet.GooglePayConfiguration? = null,     val primaryButtonColor: ColorStateList? = null,     val defaultBillingDetails: PaymentSheet.BillingDetails? = null,     val allowsDelayedPaymentMethods: Boolean = false,     val appearance: PaymentSheet.Appearance = Appearance()) : Parcelable

Configuration for PaymentSheet


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fun Configuration(    merchantDisplayName: String,     customer: PaymentSheet.CustomerConfiguration? = null,     googlePay: PaymentSheet.GooglePayConfiguration? = null,     primaryButtonColor: ColorStateList? = null,     defaultBillingDetails: PaymentSheet.BillingDetails? = null,     allowsDelayedPaymentMethods: Boolean = false,     appearance: PaymentSheet.Appearance = Appearance())


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class Builder(merchantDisplayName: String)

Configuration builder for cleaner object creation from Java.


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abstract fun describeContents(): Int
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abstract fun writeToParcel(p0: Parcel, p1: Int)


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val allowsDelayedPaymentMethods: Boolean = false

If true, allows payment methods that do not move money at the end of the checkout. Defaults to false.

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val appearance: PaymentSheet.Appearance

Describes the appearance of Payment Sheet.

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val customer: PaymentSheet.CustomerConfiguration? = null

If set, the customer can select a previously saved payment method within PaymentSheet.

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val defaultBillingDetails: PaymentSheet.BillingDetails? = null

The billing information for the customer.

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val googlePay: PaymentSheet.GooglePayConfiguration? = null

Configuration related to the Stripe Customer making a payment.

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val merchantDisplayName: String

Your customer-facing business name.

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val primaryButtonColor: ColorStateList? = null

The color of the Pay or Add button. Keep in mind the text color is white.