data class GooglePayConfiguration(val environment: PaymentSheet.GooglePayConfiguration.Environment, val countryCode: String, val currencyCode: String? = null) : Parcelable


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constructor(environment: PaymentSheet.GooglePayConfiguration.Environment, countryCode: String)
constructor(environment: PaymentSheet.GooglePayConfiguration.Environment, countryCode: String, currencyCode: String? = null)



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abstract fun describeContents(): Int
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abstract fun writeToParcel(p0: Parcel, p1: Int)


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The two-letter ISO 3166 code of the country of your business, e.g. "US". See your account's country value here.

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val currencyCode: String? = null

The three-letter ISO 4217 alphabetic currency code, e.g. "USD" or "EUR". Required in order to support Google Pay when processing a Setup Intent.

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The Google Pay environment to use.