class IntentConfiguration @JvmOverloads constructor(val mode: PaymentSheet.IntentConfiguration.Mode, val paymentMethodTypes: List<String> = emptyList(), val paymentMethodConfigurationId: String? = null, val onBehalfOf: String? = null) : Parcelable

Contains information needed to render PaymentSheet. The values are used to calculate the payment methods displayed and influence the UI.

Note: The PaymentIntent or SetupIntent you create on your server must have the same values or the payment/setup will fail.



Whether PaymentSheet should present a payment or setup flow.


The payment methods types to display. If empty, we dynamically determine the payment method types using your Stripe Dashboard settings.


The configuration ID (if any) for the selected payment method configuration. See for more information.


The account (if any) for which the funds of the intent are intended. See our docs for more info.


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constructor(mode: PaymentSheet.IntentConfiguration.Mode, paymentMethodTypes: List<String> = emptyList(), paymentMethodConfigurationId: String? = null, onBehalfOf: String? = null)


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Controls when the funds will be captured.

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object Companion
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sealed class Mode : Parcelable

Contains information about the desired payment or setup flow.

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Indicates that you intend to make future payments with this PaymentIntent's payment method. See our docs for more info.


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val onBehalfOf: String? = null
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abstract fun describeContents(): Int
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abstract fun writeToParcel(p0: Parcel, p1: Int)